Located on 12 acres along the Ohio River in Huntington, WV, our 65,000 sq ft complex is equipped to handle the largest of equipment. Our facilities include:

  • Three 25 ton overhead cranes
  • Three 10 ton overhead cranes
  • Five 5 ton Jib Cranes
  • 13 x 40 sandblasting enclosure
  • Hydraulic stressing station 500 ton Capacity
  • Up to 35,000lb fork lift capacity.

CNC Milling Capabilities:

Our combination of vertical and horizontal machines with travels of up to 13'(X-Axis) x 10'(Y-Axis) and table capacities up to 44,000lbs allow us to take on any job no matter how large, small or complex. High pressure, thru-spindle coolant gives the capabilities of deep hole drilling. Our CNC router with vacuum table and dust collection system allows us to machine any grade of electrical insulation or composite material 5 feet x 10 feet and up to 5 inches thick.

Lathe Capabilities

Our wide range of CNC and Manual Lathes let us take on turning operations as large as 56 inches in diameter and 252 inches long. Our large bore Haas ST40-L turning center has both radial and axial live tooling which lets us combine milling and drilling operations into the same turning setup.

Water Jet

We recently added a Flow 4020B water jet to our arsenal of equipment. With a 13 foot x 6-1/2 foot cutting range up to 5 inches thick and a 3D cutting head, we can cut any material.

  • Furnace Revamps - Turn-Key Installations
  • Ownership of Herault's Furnace  Drawings and Operating Manuals purchased from US Steel in 1999.
  • Wire EDM machining
  • Furnace Shells
  • Current Carrying Arms (Alluminum and Copper Cladded Steal Arms)
  • Hydraulic & Air Clamping Systems
  • Hydraulic & Air Cylinders (New Fabrication and Repair)
  • Contact Shoes and Pads
  • Electrode Holders
  • Copper Bus Tubes
  • Water & Air-Cooleed Power Cables (500 MCM through 18,000 MCM)
  • Beer Can Connections and Adapters for Water Cooled Cables
  • Delta Closures
  • Arm Bodies (S.S. & Carbon Steel)
  • Vertical Stems
  • Rollers and Roller Boxes
  • Pivot Bearings, Swing Wheels and Tracks
  • Spare Parts and Insulation Kits
  • Customized Spare Parts Booklets
  • Water Cooled Copper & Steel Panels
  • Oxy Fuel Burners & Boxes
  • Electrode Spray Systems and Parts
  • Clamping Parts and Modifications
  • Aluminum & Copper Bus Runs
  • Engineering Services
  • Mobile Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Crews
  • On-site Clamp Pressure Testing
  • Electrode Pitch Circle Alignment
  • Furnace Inspections (Electrical & Mechanical)
  • Furnace Transformers  Installation and removal
  • On-Site Copper Welding
  • Explode Bonde Copper to Aluminum
  • Copper Cladding of Steel and Stainless
  • Electrode Arm Snubber System
  • Copper Lances
  • Water Cooled Electrodes
  • DC Anode Coils
  • DC Aluminum Reactors
  • Cathode Bust Towers (Alluminum & Copper)
  • Rectifier to Transformer Electrical Connection Improvements
  • Copper & Bronze Castings
  • Stainless and Carbon Steel Clamping Yokes
  • Belleville Spring Washers
  • Electrode Clamping Gauges (6 through 32 Diameter)
  • Coper Tuyeres
  • Crucible Resizing and Fabrication
  • Adapter Flanges for Crucibles
  • Stingers and Rams
  • Copper Stools and Bases (ESR & VAR)
  • Electrode Stubs
  • ESR Legs (Alluminum & Copper)
  • ESR Copper Bases
  • ESR SS Water Jackets
  • Floating Contact Conversions
  • Plasma Furnace Copper Components
  • Submerged Arc Contact Shoes, Dowmcomer Tubes, Clamp Bands, Pressure Links and Bus Runs
  • Stainless Steel Water Shields & Fume Seals
  • Ladle Transfer Carts
  • All Grades of Electrical Insulation
  • Used Equipment Buy and Sell



Mailing Address: PO Box 1780 Huntington, WV 25718

Physical Address: 5995 Industrial Lane Huntington, WV 25702

Telephone: 304.522.1251

Fax: 304.522.1253